Meet BG, a young Australian Shepherd mix who needs your help! Here’s what her foster family tells us about her:
BG is a 10-month old little girl with a super sweet personality and puppy energy. She had a rough start in Mexico – really thin and in need of medical attention. She has gained a few pounds and is now happy and healthy.

She loves to play and is quickly learning that toys are fun. She needs a minute to trust but then she’s great with others dogs and people.

So far, her main talents are playing and cuddling. She’s learning how to walk on a leash and responds well to human encouragement and reassurance. She is very smart and incredibly responsive to voice commands!

BG is still a puppy so housebreaking is a work in progress. She sleeps overnight in a crate with no issues although she would prefer to sleep with her human! She’s the perfect mix breed – a little of everything! Whatever the mix, she’s just adorable and the perfect addition to just about any family! We recommend no young children.