Meet one of our precious 4 month old Shepherd mix cuties – this is Emma! We think she will be a larger dog, maybe 50 to 75 lbs. mature weight. Emma is fully vaccinated and vetted. Here’s what her foster family tells us about her and her 2 siblings:

“They are amazingly good pups. They love being outside to just hang out. … They love people. They do play some together but they would rather be with their person. Emma is the confident one and will do fine in any environment. Erick is very soft and needs another dog or someone home most of the time. Ebony is sweet and is trying to be more independent — I think she would be fine as an only dog or with a buddy.”

If you are interested and are aware of the needs of a puppy, please submit your application at
Please understand that we do not adopt puppies to a home with very young children and that we usually receive a few hundred applications when we offer puppies. We review every application and will individually contact those we think will be the best match for each individual puppy. Those people will be contacted to schedule a meet and greet at the foster family’s home.
Please adopt . . . DON’T shop!