Newest Adoptables

Newest Adoptables

We’ve only had this little 2-year old Chihuahua mix a few days and she’s already impressing us. Dharma loves her walks, she loves people, she loves laps, she gets along with other animals, and she loves to be cuddled. Simply a lot of love and joy in such a small package!

I’m Odie. They think that I might be a Havanese breed and that I’m 9 years old but I love to brisk-walk and play with other dogs as if I were much younger. I was at the shelter for 19 days before I was rescued and placed in a foster home where now ...

Zoe, our little 5-month old cutie, loves to cuddle and show her affection. Our veterinarian thinks she might be a Whippet mix. This girl is a sweetheart who gets along well with other dogs. Even with a (temporarily) broken foot, she is not slowed down and loves to go on walks.

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Spring 2019
Spring 2019

September 5, 2019

Read about Brandy and Shadow, Old Town Doggy Showdown, and more in this spring newsletter!
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