Charlie (formerly known as Whiskers)

Home Fur-Ever!

Here's Whiskers's story before she got adopted:

Whiskers is a beautiful cat with a fun personality.  She enjoys people and will cuddle in your lap or even be carried/held for short periods. She also will roll over whenever there is a chance for a belly rub and really savors all the petting she can get.  The first two years of her life were in a quiet apartment by herself most of the day.  Now in her foster home, she has people all day, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and plenty of visitors.  After the initial shock she has adapted well – she likes meeting new people, kids included, and gets along great with the dogs in the house.  She really makes a wonderful companion and is very undemanding…will take as much love as you will give her.  She has perfect litter box and scratching pad manners and is ready for her Fur-Ever Home.  If interested in meeting Whiskers please give us a call. (949) 444-9154