Roo found his Fur-Ever Home!

Roo found his Fur-Ever Home!
Home Fur-Ever!

Here's Roo found his Fur-Ever Home!'s story before he got adopted:

This is what Roo’s owner wrote to us here at Fur-Ever Home:

“Hi, this is Roo!  Please help him find a good home.
Age: 9
Weight: 55lbs
Vaccines: all current and up to date
Breed: tri-color hound blend
Neutered and micro-chipped

Roo has a sweet loving obedient personality, loves children, is extremely patient, and is house trained.  He loves to be around people and be a part of the group whether outside or inside smile  He barks at other dogs but is not aggressive.  His favorite place to sleep is next to you smile 
Due to unwanted circumstances we are unable to keep our family dog.  Our family is moving and staying with in-laws with no space for our dog :(  We have had him since he was a puppy and this is the hardest thing we have to do; he deserves better than to go to the pound.  Please help. …”

A note from Fur-Ever Home:
Please contact us at Fur-Ever Home if you’d like to learn more.  We’ll be glad to connect you with Jo if you know of any way Roo can find a new home.  Thank you!