Scout (formerly known as Hunter)

Home Fur-Ever!

Here's Hunter's story before he got adopted:

Say Hello to Hunter!  He appears to be an Australian Shepherd mix.  He’s about 8 months old, neutered, and just a fun dog to be with! 

According to Hunter’s Foster Mom, “He’s a Cuddle bug. Gets along well with other dogs quickly.  No issues with food or toys.  Would be great in an environment with big dog(s) and bigger yard because he likes to run and play with my dogs.  Even though he runs after toys, he hasn’t learned how to fetch and bring them back yet.  That’s understandable since he’s still very young.”

One of our Fur-Ever Home dog trainers says this about Hunter:
“You might also add that he would be great for an active family and would likely excel at agility training!”