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Here's Bagheera's story before he got adopted:

Here’s what this loving kitty’s rescuer wrote to us:

“Attached is a picture of Bagheera.  He and Meeko (here’s Meeko) are brothers about 9 months old as of mid-July.  They came from an abandoned litter of 4 which included two sisters (I was lucky to find them a loving home who accepted both girls) and two brothers (Bagheera and Meeko). 

If you could please post the pictures on your website for adoption, I would greatly appreciate it.  Please let me know if anyone has any questions or needs additional information.  Thank you very much!


A note from Fur-Ever Home:
Would you like to help this boy?  Please contact us at Fur-Ever Home if you’d like to learn more.  We’ll be glad to connect you with Peter if you know of any way Bagheera can find a new home.  Thank you!